About Us

Federal logistics are a leading provider of 3PL, 4PL solutions partnered with premium independent providers of transport and distribution services Australia wide.

Headquartered in Melbourne with a national footprint, Federal Logistics are specialists in meeting the supply chain expectations of mid-sized and larger organizations, with services offered beyond those of traditional suppliers and service providers.

Federal Logistics prides itself on adding value for our clients through the provision of proactive management of their distribution affairs filling the “customer service void” left by traditional suppliers.

A critical component of the overall solution offered by Federal Logistics is the provision and implementation of FedTech. FedTech is Federal Logistics specialized and custom-designed transport and distribution management solution used to support multi-carrier requirements, a fully integrated software solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

FedTech empowers Federal Logistics clients to understand their transport and supply chain needs while ensuring Federal Logistics and themselves, can drive costs down, sustain efficiencies and manage their entire logistics process.